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"Oh, yeah?" Rita challenged. "And would that be before or after you offered me up as additional 'company' for that fat, bloated bantha-breathed bog-stomper? And don't tell me you didn't think of it... especially after how much he stared at me!"

"Phee has better taste than for the likes of..." Raze ran her eyes over Rita's rique attire. ""

"Don't be jealous..." Rita scoffed. "You know he was eyeing me. And you had to use pheromones to get on his good side."

"If I hadn't used them, he wouldn't have given you a second look," Raze snapped. "Let alone a first. And we wouldn't have had any job."

"Well we do have a job," Rita hissed. "And maybe going Coreward is a little unnerving, but we've done it before. And come back without a scratch."

"Well, let's just hope Ulim has gathered some info on where those Imp patrols will be," Raze muttered. "I don't want any Imperial 'entanglements'--especially with a mysterious cargo on board. Still, the next time you decide to open your mouth, at least warn me. Shutta."

"You had plenty of warning when I suggested my idea back on the ship, wagyx!" Rita shot back. "At any rate, count on the resident Old One to get the 'Imp avoidance info' we need. Don't know his sources, but what does it matter with info as good as he gets."

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