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Gallofree is bugged in GC as it is now.

You can fix the XML mistake so it will work in GC. I did and I can play with it just fine.

IF you meant bugged as you cannot build it after you steal it for FoC version 1.0: yes.

But it is fixeable and I made a post for the fix. It works just fine if you use it. The same goes for the 'Yslamari cage building' speech mixed up with the 'Enemy Fleet Approaching'.

It is a small mistake with the wrong WAV file playing after you extract the sfx.meg file. Something like one number being transposed. A person at the Petro boards found and fixed that one.

I would has been along time for a patch to fix bugs and balance issues.

Have you tried the Gallofree Transport GC fix? It works was just two things wrong with the XML entry.

I happen to find another small but nasty script error bug in Rougue Squadrons XML that may cause them to be be so wimpy in battle...the error would take away the effect of the whole team of six fighters fiighter power and health/shield (effectively making it only 'one' fighter Wedge). After some hex editing, now they kick ass well.
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