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Ulim couldn't help but grin at the site of the waitress bossing around the gang of humans as they cleaned up the cantina, nursing their 'battle' wounds while they were at it. In reality, Ulim had just thrown them across the room a couple of times when they tried to gang up on him, and then tried to run. But his heavy repeating blaster had other ideas.

Then, since they had broken quite a bit of object with their impacts, Ulim decided to have the one they were harassing, the waitress, supervise them in the clean up. It was embarassing, but there was nothing they could do as long as Ulim was there. And he was going to make sure they didn't do anything after he left.

Hergat returned and saw the site. "Young ones making trouble, eh? Never knew that waitress could be so aggressive." He laughed to himself and said "I have your infromation on this data pad." He handed Ulim the data pad.

Ulim took a look at the data pad, the looked up and said "It appears the Imperials are getting very tight lately."

Hergat sighed and said "You're right. They've beefed up patrols and security. Almost lost a contact to them, but he got away. These are patrols for the next two months. That should last you enough."

Ulim nodded in approval and said "Thank you, old friend." Then he got up to leave.

Hergat suddenly remembered something and said "Oh, wait here for a moment." He went into a back room and came a moment later with two to packs of ales, one Corellian and the other Tarisian.

"Genuine?" Ulim asked raising an eyebrow.

"Imported directly from Corellia and Taris!" he said grinning.

Ulim knew he probably shouldn't, sinced it'd most likely be stolen by Rita if she ever found out about it. It was wrong though, in Sangheili culture to refuse a gift. Then he got an idea for how to use it as well.

He took it and said thank you, and began to leave when his attention returned to the gang. He stood up to his full height of 8ft, from his normal slouch foreward 7ft, and said "If I hear that you have done any wrong doing from anyone, I'll hunt you down and take your head as a trophy." Then he left. And he would never hear about them doing something wrong.
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