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Originally Posted by Darth54
While I also agree, I think we must take into consideration that the game came out a long time ago.

Back then, the prequels weren't released. We only knew about 2 Siths - Vader and Palpatine. Palpatine was basically a completely corrupted individual who cared about nothing else than power. Vader had more depth, but much of his backstory was unknown at that point. Also, there weren't many EU books/things to draw from.
True, however look at the way Vader was portrayed in the first three films. Yes, he was evil and he killed people, but only when they failed or angered him. It's not as if he went around killing people at random. In the end, Vader, who has been evil for many years, couldn't bring himself to kill his own son. Even Palpatine didn't salughter people for no reason.

It was always my impression that "turning to the dark side" meant that one would no longer be bothered by morality and would do anything required to accomplish what they wanted, whether that was killing someone, or destroying an entire planet, not that they went bezerk.

If I were in Kyle's shoes, being confonted by the people who killed my father, I know who I'd want to make sushi out of.

Originally Posted by Darth54
So I think that it's a pretty good indication of how the Dark Side was conceived at that point. The designers wanted a powerful scene to show Kyle's fall, and I guess that the best way they found was to make Kyle kill his friend.
Here's how I think they should have handled it;

The game keeps track of how many civilians you kill to judge if you're going to end up light or dark. After a few missions, when the game registers that you're leaning toward the dark side, there should be some slightly different FMVs between Kyle and Jan. In the first one, she could say something like "A lot of innocent people got killed" and he could reply "I did my best to protect them, but I can't save everyone." In the next one, she could say "You're still allowing a lot of innocent people to be killed and it bothers me that you're using so many dark powers" to which he'd reply "It has to be done. If I don't stop Jerec, a lot more people are going to die!" Then in the last one before the level where he turns dark, they could get in an argument about it with Jan telling him that she's done working with him, him calling her a traitor and saying he no longer needs her help. When confronted by Jerec and the others, Jerec could remind him that Jan abandoned him, leading him to kill her.

That would have been more believable.
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