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[WIP]Deralia Spaceport[TSL&K1]

Well guys it has been a little while since I have come up with a new idea for a mod, so I thought about it and said to myself...self it's time you make a new mod. So what we have here is a new idea that I have been working with to make a mod that will incorporate hopefully the whole community. What this mod will do is take the aspect of a "mod pack" to a whole new level, and what I mean by that is that this mod will not only give you all of my mods it will give you a lot of other people's who wish to submit thier mods to be setup in this one. This mod is going to take a choice cut level from each game (Kotor & TSL) and will turn it into what will look like a huge mall for the game. you will be able to find General items, custom items, test reskins that I have made, and that other have allowed me to use, you will be able to warp to different plants from one console then go back again, and there will even be some really cool quests to complete in the mod itself. Now this is going to be one of my biggest mods as it gets into some pretty advanced stuff that I have never really done before and also some stuff I have learned to do recently. So I also welcome all modders to help in the creation of this mod, the more the better. Here are some of the things I will need from anybody who is interested in helping me...

-Knowlegde of how Modules work
-Knowledge of how Journal Entries work
-Anybody who would like to do some vioce acting for the charcters
-Reskinning to do some minor reskins in the modules

I am also looking for anybody who wants to submit a mod to be incorporated with this one. I don't really have any hold ups on what I will take either, all that I ask is that it works, it looks good, and you have no hold ups on me modifying it for the mod. Other then that guys I think this mod will be a huge success. Oh also I have an idea for the cut module I am using for the Kotor 1 version of this mod I just need to know your guys opinions on what I should use for the TSL version. So if you guys could vote one of the ones I slected up in the poll I would really appreciate it. Oh yeah by the way this must have totally slipped my mind, the cut area that I am using for the Kotor version of this mod is Darth InSidious's Missing Czerka Depot module with his permission of course, I thoought you all might want to know that. Well anyway I hope you all like what you hear and I hope I can finnish it sometime soon so you can all enjoy it but until then. Enjoy!

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