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wow.. that's quite an undertaking, I wish you the best of luck

As for items, I will gladly donate any of my (personal) mod items.. however I do have an exception list because they are co-modded with other modder's property or I was part of a team (eg. USM).

It would require permission from all of them
  • Bastila's Revelation Robes - (must ask svösh)
  • Juhani's Dark Robe - (must ask svösh)
  • Xia Terashai's Robe/Saber - (must ask RedHawke)
  • USM - (can't give permission period. We are trying to keep this in a contained setup for updates, general troubleshooting, etc. Troubleshooting/Updating the USM if it's contained in some other mod has too many tangents to keep track of in order to do this effectively)

Any of my other mods however are free game. Darksword, Segan Items, HakPad* etc.

*- For the HakPad, if you should choose it, I'd prefer you keep the original scripts unchanged since any future updates I make to it will overwrite them most likely. Might cause problems later on down the road with your mod
If you make any changes to the dialogue to fire custom scripts of your own, please send me a copy of it (them) so I can archive it in case of future updates


I can't personally volunteer any time to help with the mod, but will be more than happy to contribute to this thread should you have any questions (that my simple mind can answer of course ... hehehe). Not to mention the hundreds of other modders here on Holowan

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