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Originally Posted by lordzack
The Bothan Assault Crusier wasn't developed until about 25 years later. MC80Bs I think were not until after the Battle of Endor I think, and the MC80a may have been as well. Besides I think maybe the basic Mon Calamari Star Crusier covers those well enough. They'd only be slightly more powerful, but maybe if the Tector and Imperial II variants of the Imperial-class were included they'd work out. I think the MC90 would be nice for the expansion and would pwn Star Dstroyer with they're warheads. I could see the Viscount as a hero unit, unless the Executor-class also becomes mass producable in which case the Viscount-class would almost have to be in to counter it, either that or the MC90. MC40s would've been nice I guess, but it's really just a weaker version of the MC80 and the MC30 is more unique. I think maybe the Rebellion could've had Liberty as a hero to balace out the fact that the Empire gets two ISD heroes.
There was a thread on one of the FoC forums, can't remember which one. But it argued that in reality the Imperial Fleet would have PWNED the Rebels were it not for the fact that the good guys always win (George Lucas made it that way). In that, it mentioned the make-up of both fleets and the Bothan Assault Cruiser was included in the Rebel Fleet.

Also, let's not forget that the end of the campaign concludes AFTER Ep. 6. So even if the MC80B was built after the Battle of Endor, it would still be valid to have been built.

Plus, as was rightfully stated, the Eclipse wasn't around until Dark Empire. The only reason its here is because a story-line was amassed from fiction and twisted canon six ways from sunday.

I would have liked to have the Liberty as a hero, those were my thought sinitially and it would be possible; seeing as the Sundered Heart disappeared during the Rebel campaign in EAW. But yeah, even though the MC40 would have been weaker and less unique than an MC30, it would have still brought in some type of variation.

I mean, Bothan Assault Cruisers or the like would have been nice to be added in or some type of equivalent that wasn't a Rebel mainstay cruiser already mentioned. That would have certainly added something different.

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