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Thanks ChAiNz and Cactus-Jack for the PCGM download cheat tips, and ABCIMe123 and purgatory jones. I was able to snag KristyKistic's Tighty Whiteys mod for TSL, w00t!!!

Cached page from PCGM


Wanna try it yourself (ChAiNz has the tips posted in the second post of this thread) --> Find the name of the file and the mod ID number from the cached page (ID in the cached URL -- ex. "/mod/18143.html"), and input -- *ID number* / *file name*

If there are spaces in the filename, use %20 to replace the spaces.

Atton: I knew it! That stupid T3 unit stole our ship! It's probably joyriding through the system right now, laughing at us... laughing at *me*.

Atton: And another thing - stop being all noble around her, in your big hero way. She sees right through your little act. She likes honest guys, not guys who run around being unselfish and heroic all the time.

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