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Originally Posted by starmark2k
"yep, in fact we got two." Zam replied stepping towards his friend. "Come on lets leave the kids to their slanging match and i'll buy you a drink... trust me we can afford it now."
As Zam headed off to the bar with John, Raze blinked in disbelief. "Slanging match?" She looked at Rita. "Did he just say 'slanging match?'" Then she looked back at Zam, who was away at the bar now. "I am not having a slanging match," she called out to him. "We are not having a slanging match!"

She turned her attention to Rita. "I am not having a slanging match, with you." She took a deep cleansing breath. "Calm, calm, calm...." she repeated, then exhaled fully. "I'm going back to the ship. I've got to send my payment details along to Phee. And get ready to load this 'special cargo'."

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