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im on a hunt for the "Darth Maul selectable PC head V2 " mod for kotor 2 - this mod gives you a darth maul pc with horns i know it was made by paragon on pcgame mods and was posted on August 13, 2005.

this is the discription that came with it:
Darth Maul Face (New Selectable Character) V2

This mod gives the player the option to select a Zabrak PC face similar to Darth Maul.
There are no DS Transitions for this mod, the face is by default red-black.
Also, his custom robe is included. You may build this robe at the workbench later in
the game.

-The head model was fixed to fit better with the body, and to look more like Ray Park
-The textures were done from scatch to resemble as close as they can Darth Maul's tatoos.


Paragon (me): I created this mod :/
Svosh: His "collar fix robe" template was used and modified.
Team Gizka Forum: All the people who constantly support me.

Feel free to do with this mod whatever you feel like, just give credits to Svosh.

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