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Pistol and Blaster: USELESS. USELESS. USELESS. Blaster definitely needs its secondary function restored, no questions asked. So does Pistol, and possibly make it fire slightly quicker. There's honestly no use for it.
There still useful for fighting other gunners, but yeah they are pretty useless against saber. I kinda miss the secondary fire as well.

I still think that saberists should lose triple DP if they are hit with any kind oblaster bolt while running and swinging. This would make the blasters a bit more useful and make the jedi not just recklessly swing at gunners like they can now and just make it more movielike in general. Thats pretty fair and conservative considering that MB2 allows NO defense while swinging unless they have T3.

I actually don't mind how it functions at the moment EXCEPT for the ridiculously long cooldown that stops you from switching away from it.
I don't mind a cool down between shots for the sake of fairness, but if it stops you from switching weapons, thats probably too much.

Lightning: The range for the line-based Lightning is a bit too long when you consider its knockdown effect.
Your Probably right. Its kinda of our mods Uber force power. THere are special defenses to it though through absorb (which reverses whos getting shocked XD) and with a saber.

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