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I'd say 8 of FFA and as many co-op maps as possible. IMHO they should run on a short timelimit, so that the gametype cycle is fast. FFA is only fun for so long before it gets boring. Co-op is the new way of JKA!

Btw would it be a good idea to include the JK2 maps as part of OJP? Or is that copyright infringement? Reason is because I play FFA on the JK2 duel maps a LOT, which are by far much better than JKA's due to their size and majesty. Esp with the new experience system, there's no need to run around picking up ammo. It's a fragger's dream come true. Pure fragaholic fun. We could use JK2's maps in Meatgrinder...?

Plus, JK2's FFA maps and CTF maps are great too.

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