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Raze headed for the ship, Rita not far behind her.

"Just so you know, Rita, if there's anything in that cargo that damages either the crew or the ship, I'm taking it out of your cut," Raze told her as they swung around the corner towards the docking bays. "And I mean anything. But, if everything goes well, I'll give you an extra 10%. So, guess who I'm putting in charge of loading the...."

Raze stopped in her tracks, and grabbed hold of Rita's arm to stop her as well. She pointed up ahead to the Eclipse where a strange looking alien was banging its fist against the hull, as if demanding entry. "Is that a... a...? No. Maybe a ...?" Raze shook her head, raised an eyebrow, then frowned. "Rita... I've been around for a while. And I've seen a lot of strange sights. But... exactly what is that banging on our ship?" Then she caught sight of Ulim wandering in front of them. Raze exchanged a look with Rita. "Long lost relative of Ulim's?"

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