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Looks like I’ll have to clear some things up here, to do with the topic that is.

First of all, not once have I claimed that Darth Nihilus was a force god. Secondly, I never said that if you praise Revan’s abilities, then you’re a fan boy. Thirdly, what could Revan do to stop Nihilus?

Keep in mind that Nihilus’ life draining ability stretches across thousands of miles, and he is drawn to great gatherings of Jedi and those who are strong in the force, like Revan, so if Revan even got within 100km of Nihilus, he/she would basically die. Nihilus would be able to detect Revan if he/she got ‘within range’.

Now, how does Nihilus’ power work?

"My people never saw his face when he struck — but they heard his voice. When my lord spoke, every living thing on Katarr died. The destruction of Katarr echoed through the Force, the screaming of countless lives."
—Visas Marr

Now tell me why this wouldn’t work on Revan? I’d say this is game over. Why would Kreia (who taught Revan) infer to the Exile that if he/she didn’t stop Nihilus then he would consume all life?

At the end of the day though, Revan is never going to fight Nihilus, so this discussion is pointless. And S_W_LeGenD, you’ve strayed way off topic. This isn’t about proving that Revan was powerful, this is about who would win in a fight between Revan and Nihilus.

I’ll just say one thing though. If Mission and T3-M4 were useless according to Revan for the battle of the Star Forge, then why did he/she take them with him/her on the Star Forge in the first place? To look after the Ebon Hawk? No. That’s what those half a dozen Jedi Knights were there for.

You have to understand that ‘gameplay mechanics’ is the only reason why Revan never took all of his/her companions with him/her out of the Ebon Hawk for the Star Forge battle, since you can only take two companions at max. From a plot perspective, Revan would have taken all of his/her companions with him/her on the Star Forge.

And one more thing, I admit that Revan was powerful and unique in his/her timeline, but still IMO not great enough to be among the most powerful Jedi and Sith of all time. Revan is definitely overrated though, thanks to the stupid fan boys, who make rubbish claims that Revan was immortal, that Revan was alive in the movie era, that Revan was the most powerful Jedi/Sith ever, that Revan was the Sith’ari, that Revan was Anakin’s ancestor and blah blah blah. The list goes on.

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