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Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
It's no one's fault but your own if you choose to be a pure Jedi. Further, that last thing can be countered by Speed, I've been diced up enough by that. It's not a problem with gunners being overpowered, it's a problem of Saber Throw and so on not being implemented yet, as the easy answer to most of those besides Speed is 'Saber Throw'. Implement Throw before you do anything else, because frankly if Sushi refuses to adapt from pure Jedi it's his own problem... after all, gunners with Absorb are impure Jedi.

As is, I agree that passive Absorb should cost more. I'm against requiring it to be activated, though. Just either make it cost more or simply make it drain some FP if you absorb.
If a player WANTS to be a Jedi in the open JEDI project, he can be one. And if he stays true to his path and doesn't use any gunner gadgets or trinkets he's bound to get some kind of reward for doing so.

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