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Originally Posted by Evln
Yes, Visas said all the jedi there only heard him speak, and they died. But what's being questioned here is how much focused Nihilus has to be when he drains the hell out of everything. He can speak and kill, but he may have to be focused while doing so. I just wanna point out that there's no evidence whatsoever that points to a definitive conclusion.
Well, we know from Nihilus' fight with the Exile that he can use his drain powers even during a fight when he's taking damage. The cut content shows a similar fight between Nihilus and Sion. We can discard that as cut content, but not Nihilus' fight with the Exile. And it's pretty clear to me that the Exile would have died in that fight, had the Exile not been a wound in the force that Nihilus cannot drain. Basically, Nihilus was trying to suck down a void and was himself drained for it. And as far as I can tell that is the ONLY reason the Exile can win that fight, because once Nihilus uses his drain-power, it's game over and somebody's going to die. Now the Exile is a definite problem as a wound in the force, but Revan would be tasty meal, precisely because Revan IS powerful in the force. In this case it only works against Revan, because strong force powers are what attracts Nihilus and nourishes him. So from a distance, we all seem to agree that Revan would be doomed, and in close we know Nihilus can still use his draining powers even in a fight. I don't see how Revan can ever win such a fight.

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