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Originally Posted by Evln
I see. Where actually shows that he used the drain powers against the exile? If so, I overlooked it. That would wrap things up then.
I hear people saying that you can avoid Nihilus using this power, but I've never been able to avoid it myself - every time I play through that fight, I get a scene where Nihilus tries to use a power using the Drain Life animation, and then he stumbles over briefly, as if he's having a fit, while the Exile just stands there wondering what is going on.

It's at this point the Exile should have said, "Must be something you absorbed!"

But even if it's possible to avoid that sequence in the game (and I've never known that to happen myself), my point is that Nihilus can do it. And I think he's be more likely to do it to Revan, since Revan is basically soaking in Force, while the Exile is dry as a sponge. Revan would be irresistible to Nihilus. He'd take one sniff and go "yummy!"

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