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Originally Posted by Darkkender
Edit: ARRGGHH!!! I have found a glitch that is likely to put me on your hit list. I'm setting up the multi-installer option. On all but one of the packages I'm setting them to require a file be present in override prior to installation. However everytime I try to install the optional packages without the required file present it never prompts that I'm missing a required file. As I understand it this kind of defeats the required file part of the patcher.
Hmm, that seems to be a bug which at a quick glance seems to skip the Required file check when you use namespaces and have the patcher fetch the install location from the registry. I've done a quick fix for this and uploaded version 1.2.8b9. Hopefully that should take care of this problem.

Originally Posted by Darkkender
On the same topic would/could you consider a option from the namespaces settings list to require a particular namespace be installed first?
Hmm, I suppose I could. Though if you have no other required files listed you can currently do this the hard way by having the namespace config in question install a blank text file in the override folder and then have the other namespace put that text file as its Required file. Though that's a bit clunky since the user would have to start the installation before noticing they can't proceed.

I could add a Required key in namespaces.ini as well which lists a file that must be present in the override folder for that Setup to be selectable in the menu, though that would only work if the installer auto-detects the install location since the user hasn't been prompted to pick where the game is at that stage.

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