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Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
He already gets a reward... the reward is not needing to spend the skill points on those gadgets and dedicating his points solely to Force, which is quite dangerous if evoked properly. He'd probably start with a heap of shielding too after awhile. He shouldn't get some bonus for sticking solely to the right side of the skill screen, unless sticking entirely to the left side of the skill screen got you something too.
I want both skilltrees to get equal chance and equal rewards for sticking to their side of the screen. A gunner shouldn't be able to take lightning 3 and not face some kind of penalty. A jedi shouldn't be able to take thermals and detpacks, or a sentry droid without having to face some kind of penalty too.

Originally Posted by Lathain
What you said isn't really an argument against my point. Adaptation is everything, even Obi-Wan pulled a blaster when the situation called for it. So what, should he have lost some mystical Jedi power for using an OMG GUNNER WEAPON? No, I don't think so either.
Obi Wan is Obi Wan, I'm talking about Jedi who want to stick to their beliefs and just use their own weapons and powers. If they can do this, they should get rewarded. Same thing for gunners.

Obi wan was also in a life threatening situation, OJP players aren't in a life threatening situation since they respawn.

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