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Originally Posted by Dreng
I would like to see a peace timer like other RTS have for those who doesnt know what im talking about you set a time 30 mins 60 whatever and in that time the enemy wouldnt attack you if you attack em the peace is over i say this because i cant play GC without loosing half of my plantes in the first 20 mins having no time to build any defenses maybe is because im a any veteran can tell me what he does when he plays big GC maps with a lot of planets since the beggining with 15000 credits?
As the rebels/Consortium, I immidiately go for Couruscant. Yes, it has a level 5 station, but thats what raid fleets are for . Raid Couruscant and capture the planet. Make sure you have a fleet standing by to intercept the enemy reinforments (that will be coming).

Once you have couruscant, go around taking the surrounding planets. With this advantage, your victory should be assured.

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