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Chapter 2: The Capture

On the planet Sekot, Darth Revan looked up. Above him, the Ebon Hawk flew through the sky. Revan started to pull out his comlink to contact the ship as a hard piece of metal slammed against his head, making him fall unconscious.

Revan awoke and found himself on a stone bunk in a small room, surrounded by a stone wall with only a small hole for air. He got off the bed and stood up. He then walked over to the small hole and looked out. Revan could see a room full a machines and men. Revan grinned he knew how to ruin there day, for putting him in here.

Grivis carried the unconscious body of Talarius out of the temple and into his ship. Quickly he threw the body into Talarius’s escape pod and shot it into space. Grivis watched the escape pod soar away, and then he entered the temple again and took the turbo let to the high council floor.

Revan sat back and waited for someone to come. A few minutes later someone did.

“Hello,” a female human said as she came in.

“Hello,” Revan returned, trying to think of Bastila and not this woman.

“I’m Laden, you?”

“Revan,” he told her.

“Nice to meet you, now you must be wondering who we are,”

“Yes, I am,”

“Good, we are a company on this planet that deals with newcomers,”

“In what way?” Revan asked.

“In ways, anyway why are you here?”

“For reasons,”

“Fine. I’ll be back later to finish interrogating you.”

She turned and walked out of the room and disappeared. Revan reached down and felt his lightsaber. They had taken all his weapons except it. Perfect. He walked over to the hole in the wall and summand the force. He then used it to crush a nearby machine. Flames shot out of the machine and started to spread. Revan saw a group of people taking water to try and put out the fire, he used the force again to choke the group. They fell to the ground. Revan then grabbed his lightsaber and cut a hole in the cell door and he quickly jumped through it.


Preview for the next chapter: Bastila ran down the ramp of the Ebon Hawk and stood on the landing platform. She could see Revan’s ship on the platform left to hers. She was about to turn around to leave, when a hand grabbed her shoulder and she heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber.

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