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Yes I agree, simply put, a cross class should never be as powerful as a pure class because he opts for quantity (of weapons and tools) over quality

Let's say I choose to be a merc-Jedi with the following skills in a server with min. 100FP:

- Flamethrower = 8 pts
- Jetpack = 8 pts
- Rocket Launcher lvl 2 = 16 pts
- Cloaking Device = 8 pts
- Bowcaster lvl 2 = 16 pts
- Saber Attack lvl 2 = 16 pts
- Saber Defence lvl 3 = 24 pts
- Force See lvl 1 = 4 pts
TOTAL: 100 pts!!!

Sounds powerful? Not really. I can easily counter this with the following character (assuming Force Sense = Auto force push as I'd suggested):

- Force Sense lvl 3 = 12 points
- Saber Attack lvl 3 = 12 pts
- Saber Defence lvl 3 = 12 pts
- Force Pull lvl 3 = 12 pts
- Force Lightning lvl 3 = 24 pts
- Force Speed lvl 3 = 12 pts
TOTAL: 84 points!!!! That's 16 points less than our cross class. Now let me show you guys how I will beat the cross class.

First, I will turn on Force Sense so I know where he is (if he is onthe ground). If he's flying, well all I need to do is follow the flames. Then, I will just lightning him until his jetpack is out of power. Or if he's on the grounds, he will try to flame me and shoot me at the same time. No problem, just turn on speed, wait for his fuel to run down, then go forward, lightning him or just run up and saber him (but technically, this is impossible for me because my ping is always so damn high)

So you see, a crossed class will lose out eventually

(btw Saber Throw is pretty useless as is, because of the inability to return and inaccuracy. Any ideas on how to make it a more useful skill?)
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