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Originally Posted by razorace
I tend to agree with Lath on this one. Having cross-profession penalties would be hard to code and, well, penaltize realistic New Hope+ era characters.
You all seriously want gunners running around with lightning 3, palpatine style?

That's just sick man...
This means that it's no longer the open jedi project. People will have no reason to just stick to the Force and their sabers. Everyone will be running around with detpacks and thermals and bowcasters and flamers and Jedi will just be able to stand there doing nothing.

Man that..just.. it will be friggin chaos! You seriously can't reward someone that sticks to Force and Lightsabers with something extra? Like some specific skill or something? New lightsaber styles? And you can't reward a pure gunner by giving him access to the rocket launcher and other gadgets? Why?

You want this to be a movie-realistic, realistic mod in general but still have some kind of "new hope+ era" feeling? Dudes, our Jedi aren't powerful enough to simulate Jedi from that time. Jedi from that time took on friggin armies of creatures and gunners and came out unscaved. Luke used AT MOST a pistol during his pilot years and afterwards he mainly used his saber and force powers. But the fact that he spent less or no time training his gunner skills, he had enough time to learn how to use Force Grip and to develop his powers even more. If he had sticked to guns and gadgets more he wouldn't of been a Jedi master, I can assure you that.

I know you're gonna bring up Kyle Katarn. And I can counter you immediately:
Kyle Katarn spent time without Force and without his lightsaber multiple times, and each time had to re-learn EVERYTHING he had learned before he put them away! Think about that!

It would be unfair to Jedi, and it's easy for someone like Lath to speak about this, Razor, he likes gunning and primarily uses it ingame. And I've noticed that you've been liking a lot of his ideas, I don't mind that, but lets not get carried away here. This is still a Jedi mod, you didn't spend so much time working on all these Jedi powers, re-making the sabersystem and balancing out so many things just to see it all thrown away?

I mean, if this goes on, I'll have no reason not to use a gun or flamer once I'm low in a duel for example. People that want to duel and not be disturbed by gunners will always have to go into dueling mode to be able to even duel RIGHT. ANd it's not just the dueling part that's gonna get screwed over.

UDM's example is still in the mindset of a very low playercount. He's thinking of 2 players.. if your ambition is to make this mod geared towards 2 player games then you seriously need to ask yourself why you've been spending so much time on this mod.

It won't work like that with a 10 or more man server. You won't be able to track and kill a gunner without getting shot by another. No problem, but I wouldn't like that gunner to be able to buy lightning 3, push 3, jump 3 or absorb 3 and counter everything I have in my arsenal easily.

How are Jedi supposed to kill gunners if they can absorb all Force powers?
Do you guys even KNOW what a seasoned gunner does when a jedi comes close? He just whips out his saber and defends against the Jedi's slashes, flies away and just whips out his rocket launcher again and starts shooting..

Is that what you want? That's just a load of bull and I can't believe you want it that way.

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