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Originally Posted by EagerWeasel
I would rather not be drawn into this discussion again, but I need to point out some things. So Revan's apparent attack on the Rakata didn't kill them instantly, that's what you're saying.
That was an attack from a Force Storm actually and this power is much more devastating then normal Lightning. See the image of Sidious's attack as a reference.

Originally Posted by EagerWeasel
That is cut content. It was never included in the game. Therefore, it is not canon.
I don't really care.

Originally Posted by EagerWeasel
Yoda was not semi-successful and he did not fall apart- he was successful.

The reason he lost his lightsaber was not because Sidious' lightning was so powerful, it was because he was taken by surprise.

Yoda successfully blocked Sidious' lightning. He first attempted to absorb it, but that was unssuccessful, so he decided to shoot it back at Sidious. The contact between the lightning and Sidious' hands created an explosion which blasted them both backwards.

And the location of where they fell is relevant. As we see, Sidious falls on the side of the "chair" where there is a rail to hold on to. Yoda happens to fall on the side where there is a long drop with nothing to grab.
Look Buddy!

Yoda is not an immature Jedi who will always be surprised by Sidious moves. He was holding his Light Saber firmly in his hand and Sidious Lightning struck with such a strong intensity that it blew Yoda's Light Saber out of his hand. And Yoda was semi-successful in blocking Sidious Lightning because his defence resulted in a blast and he fell apart. But this was not the case in Dooku's fight, in which Yoda successfully blocked Dooku's Lightning without any difficulty.

And I have said before that his place of fall is irrelevant.
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