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Raze's eyes widened at the ever increasing pace of the heavily armed alien approaching her and Rita.

"Erm...Rita? Remember what I said earlier to you about those grenades of yours being a bit over the top?" she said as she slowly took a step backwards. It was hard to tell, but the alien's walk and stance didn't look at all friendly to her. Not. At. All. In fact, he looked more like he was...stalking them. In anticipaton of a first strike. "I take it back."

"He is a recently made friend! Do not attack him!" Ulim shouted, as he hurried towards them.

Raze stopped dead in her tracks. She wasn't sure if just being Ulim's friend was enough to prevent the approaching alien from attacking, but as Ulim was a creature of few words, and a member of her crew, she thought to re-evaluate the situation.

The alien heard us talking, she thought. Even from this far away. Maybe he thought we were planning to attack him?

"Stand your ground and don't move," she said firmly to Rita. "And whatever you do, don't reach for a weapon."

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