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Yes I would really like to help on enhanced, I've seen whats been going on so far and I really like it. I would like to bring MB to OJP and vice versa. There are many things I can't stand about MB and the developers are pretty much stuck to making it siege with no other options to play with. The saber system on OJP enhanced, atleast the version I've been playing seems really sloppy and just random slashing about. The feel of Movie Battles dueling is much more comfortable. I would really like to work on it and see what I can come up with. Also get the sabers to look like they do in Movie Battles, maybe speed up the characters movement a bit cause they feel like they drag. I'd like to try and get the force jump landing thing to move you more forward like a glide power, that is a really cool feature. Maybe make the jump more of a spring type jump like luke ep5 in the carbon freeze. All in all I think OJP is awesome, full of features, and obviously MB is a byproduct of that. If it could be changed around in just a few minor ways it could be the best. I think adopting classes would be great too. Changing the character menu and switching between classes, much like forcemod. This is a stretch but it would also be nice to be able to give moderators on the server the ability to give out ranks, so everyone gets points for classes depending upon their rank in the server or clan, might be fun for roleplay. Well I got pushed out of the MBII community because anyone who roleplays is shunned. I know there are still a lot of RPers out there. If we can change around OJP to be more comfortable for old MBII players, you will see the OJP server list full again.
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