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The saber system on OJP enhanced, atleast the version I've been playing seems really sloppy and just random slashinglock about. The feel of Movie Battles dueling is much more comfortable.
Hehe, Unless you've read the manual well, thats exactly how it will feel, just like MB2 first did before anybody explained how the system works too you. Our system has a ton of depth to it and is not just swing spam, though straight defense in our mod is a little more complicated than MB2. Most of us OJP vets can play completely defensively and probably kill a new person without even swinging them when their not in a "must dodge" situation, but a new pperson has to have parrying explained to them or read the manual.

Theres not just one Parry/block button like there is in MB2; there are several. Autoblocking is what you want to avoid because it lowers your Defense points (DP) alot. Parrying saves you a ton of DP on a hit and is done by holding the directional keys (a,s,d,w) and moving towards what ever side your getting hit on (except for high hits you press back and low hit, mainly lunge, you press forward). So, as you can see, you have to think very fast in this mod and even parry WHILE you swing in case you get hit first. This only scratches the surface. There is also the mishap/balance bar that you have to worry about and ways to exploit it that are all covered in the manual.

Anyways, If you do become a valued member of our team and able to take a more up front position, We are still affiliates of MB2 and can use their code for things if we want and you would too; however, we've been trying to create more of our our mod and do things differently. But since we havent done much with seige, we might want to use some MB2 code in the future.

As far as accessing the source, go to the accessing the OJP source thread thats stickied for direcitons

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