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Originally Posted by darthgrizavy
That would be great, I'd love to join the team. I'm working on my coding skills, I'm best at mapping and the file structure of jedi academy, all the info files etc. I'm really interested in coding though. If its not too late to get in the game I'd like to help.

lol every time I want to reply I hit start a new thread... sorry about that. thanks to whoever covered for me the first time I did it.
Cool. Hey we're going to be playing enhanced tonight at the meatgrinder server: in a few minutes if you want to join. We'll show you the ropes on the saber system. Be sure that you haedve the most recent beta of Enhanced which is 0.0.9r, though anything after 0.0.9m should work fine too. If you use 0.0.9a or b, you wont be able to see the mishap meter. check the stickied threads to find a newer Enhanced if you dont have one.

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