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Originally Posted by GamerX51
hey Redhawke,

I was playing around with the model variations in Kotor tool for the circlet in this mod, and I was wondering, is there any way to get the old golden colored circlet to show up, or has it been taken out? I always liked the one from Kotor 1, (the Circlet of Saresh, in case you need a reference.) But I absolutely hate the ugly, grayish-black colored one they changed it to in Kotor 2! I really want the old, golden one back. Is it still in the game? And if so, what model variation and palalete ID will give it to me? If it's not in the game, then is there any way that I could mod it back in?

Unfortunately I cannot tell you if the model is in the game or not as I honestly don't know.

I actually despise having my characters with any sort of headgear, hence why the circlet comes 'stock' with no shown model at all. Obi-Wan, Mace, or Yoda never had a Combat Visor... neither should the Exile. So I never looked further into the headgear models.

The only thing I can offer is for you to try and start at model variation 1 and work up from there, if the model is still in the game one of them will be it.

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