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No, nobody uses Xfire on here as far as I know. We mainly use MSN messenger or AIM. I got rid of my Xfire because I never used it and it was taking up hard drive space

Btw, I think I know what you were referring to when you talked about the slowmotion thing. Thats called a slowbounce. It happens if youve been attackparried or got hit with power feint (attackfake) without blocking it. The slowbounce rang on the mishap meter is roughly Halfway from the bottom. If your more that 1.4 of the way up the mishap bar and you get kicked in a slowbounce, you will stumble and are vulnerable to a double damage swing and your dodge activating. Theres even a thing called a Heavy bounce thats higher up the mishap bar.

Anyways, its really best if you read the saber manual thats posted on this forum for all these details and alot more.

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