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I'm easily the most frequent gun user we have so far who plays this mod with the exception of Jawa Bond. But guess what? I DON'T ACT IN ANY WAY MAX DESCRIBES, AND NEITHER DOES BOND! In about the ten-plus games I've played I've never once pulled out a lightsaber, and the two or so games I saw Bond he didn't do it either. My config is as follows:

- Rocket Launcher 3
- Bowcaster 3
- Flamethrower
- Seeker Drone
- Sentry Gun
- Cloaking Device (Is there a glitch with this? My holstered gun doesn't go invisible...)

- Force Seeing 1
- Force Absorb 3

Total points...

24 + 4 + 8 + 6 + 5 + 8 + 4 + 12 = 71 points.

Really the only big 'what the' is Absorb. It's a tad too powerful as it is because I don't notice it draining much of anything.

And actually, Jump 3 stinks. I don't use it. I don't use Jetpack either. I also don't use push, pull, or lightning 3 except as impulse buys for defense (they do block enemy uses of those powers, no?).

And frankly... so WHAT if you have to go into dueling mode? That's what it's there for! You can't reasonably expect an enemy to just watch and let you finish your duel when he can just kill you both when distracted.

It's BS for you to quote Luke and say 'If he hadn't focused on his powers solely he wouldn't be a Jedi Master', and then say my Obi-Wan example doesn't work, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME KIND OF EXAMPLE. I could just as easily say: "Luke is Luke, and he took awhile to develop his powers. I don't suppose you want us to take that long to develop Force ability?" We don't fight 'armies of creatures' either.c I already said that by choosing not to take gun skills you can spend points on Force skills, this is obvious and that's really the reward.

Obi-Wan didn't suddenly lose some power over the Force for pulling out a gun when the situation called for it, and he's the guy who gives the 'lightsaber only' mantra to Luke. As for Kyle Katarn, that's an 'intentional' extinguishing of his powers for fear of the Dark Side, the suppression was so great he had to actually go to the Valley of the Jedi and step into its core to regain them (where's the multiple power loss? I only see that he lost his powers after MOTS due to the suppression, and got them back in JO.). He didn't instantly lose gun skills then and there though, now did he? With all that in mind, your comment on Katarn does not work as he was a special case in all facets.

EDIT: As for your comments to UDM... no, you don't sit down. You pull out a long range weapon and you smite the retreating bastard from afar? Don't have one? Whoops, that's your fault.

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