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“So,” said Atton, irritably “If this kid can’t find this planet, then we’ve come here for nothing?”

“Pretty much,” said Carth

They were all in the Main Chamber surrounding the holo map of the known galaxy. It had been four days, since they left Taris, and ever since then (As Bastilla’s idea), they were just making short hyper jumps across the edge of the Unknown Regions. It was going well (Nom, hadn’t found the planet yet, but the other passengers hadn’t been complaining), until Atton had asked Bastilla about it, the day before, and she didn’t answer him fully, she just walked away saying:

“Just wait, we will discuss it soon”

After that Visas came into the cockpit looking for Bastilla to ask her about the exact same thing. Carth mentioned it to Bastilla and she finally decided that it was time to tell them all. But this was worse than what she had expected.

“It seems all our hopes rest on this young boy,” said Visas, nodding to Nom.

“Yes,” agreed Bastilla “He has been trying as hard as he can, but he has not yet had enough luck, in finding Revan”
As she spoke all on board felt a sudden surge of anger, such hatred that they have not felt before …

“That’s Revan!” said Carth suddenly

“What?” said Bastilla “What did you just say Carth?”

“Oh … Uhh,” stammered Carth “I know what you’re thinking, but I ain’t no Jedi! I just thought for a second I could feel Revan. He’s angry,” he stopped “Very, very angry”

“Did you get the position Nom?” asked Bastilla

“Yes!” replied Nom “I know where he is!”
With that he took off to the cockpit, Carth and Bastilla on his heels. Mumbling to himself, he started to enter the co-ordinates into the Navi-computer until …

“Oh,” he said

“Oh?” questioned Bastilla “Oh, what?”

“Heh, you’re not going to believe this. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! Why none of us though of this before?”

“What!” asked both, Carth and Bastilla

“The co-ordinates have been in the Navi computer all along,” said Nom, his face reddening.

“You mean that we have been space jumping for five days for absolutely nothing!” came the sound of Atton’s voice

“Stop complaining,” said Carth

“Oh? And what are you going to do, old man?” replied Atton

“What’s this talk about old guys?” said Jolee as he entered in Attons footsteps, closely followed by the rest of the crew

“Guys!” said Nom “Shut it, both of you. The thing is, that we can finally get to Revan! That should be enough reason for both of you to be quiet”

“Hmph!” said Atton “The damn kid is right … well, what are we standing around for, lets go already!”

“Who made you captain?” said Carth

“Just hit it, Nom,” said Bastilla, as Carth and Atton continued to bicker with each other. And finally, after all this time the newly formed crew of the Ebon Hawk entered Hyperspace to a newly formed adventure and into an unknown danger.

* * *

“So, this is it,” said Bastilla “This is where Revan has been all this time?”

They were all walking down the Ebon Hawks loading ramp and into the warm sunlight below the cloudless sky. Nom had flown the Hawk down to the exact same place where he had left Revan.

“No, comes the hard –“ started Bastilla, but she stopped and closed her eyes.

“Bas?” said Carth, uncertainly

“Revan!” she whispered. Her eyes fluttered back open and she gazed away southwards, her eyes unfocused.

“I could sense him, for only a second, but he was there. He’s still … alive” she lowered her head “I know where he his, and what is about to become is future. “Quick!” she cried, “We need to hurry!”

With that, she took off through the foliage and into the dense jungle, leaving the rest of the crew behind her, stunned and confused. But they followed her anyway.
* * *

As Jonas was sitting in is elected ‘throne’ room, gazing into the far reaches of space, he could see a small ship. A small ship it seemed, but that was of no importance, but what was important was the passenger, which was inside the ship. Powerful was this being, indeed he was powerful and Jonas had come to wonder what his intentions were. Because as it flew, Jonas realised that this ship, and whoever was flying in it, was coming here, to were he was.

‘Let him come!’ said Jonas

But as Jonas began to focus on the being, he was quickly alerted back to consciousness by one of his Acolytes.

“What is it?” spat Jonas

“Master, Revan has awoken!” said the Acolyte, bowing at Jonas’ feet

“Finally!” said Jonas as he stood up, his tone far different then what is just was.

He walked across the room and opened up the turbo lift doors and as he stepped inside and the doors closed, he noticed something. “So … “ he said, smiling “They have come. This should be interesting. Interesting indeed!”
The doors closed and the lift proceeded down to the lower levels.

It's a bit short, but i kinda couldnt think of anything else to go on to this chapter, but the next chap should be better .... i also put in some more text in chapter 12, when Revan is in the force cage and he feels Bastilla's presence arrive on the planet. Just to get it to fit with Bastilla feeling Revan's presence when they arrive

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