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I fully agree with Max on this. While I don't feel my opinion has much weight here, as I've been away for some time, "gunners should be gunners, not forcewhoring Palpatine wannabes with a blaster rifle". There is no reason for gunners to be able to run around with full force powers and a bunch of heavy explosives. If OJP wants to move away from base and become its own mod, it needs to lay down some ground rules.

The "lol, get everything" force power mechanic used in base was bad enough, but it was based primarily on two things:

1. the game was a Q3 engine game, using Q3 type deathmatch scenarios. Deathmatches are fast paced games where you can run around picking up weapons and not have to worry too much about realism or canonicity.

2. Nobody wanted to have to specialize too much. It's a matter of retail. Kid sees guy with saber on box, sees guy wielding bowcaster on back. Expects this from SP, expects this from MP. Kid buys game, kid plays game, kid doesn't return game to store or write angry letters to devs about how they were only able to play as Joe Bob Jedi or Generic Gus Gunner. This plagued MB and killed its Full Authentic mode - everyone wants to be uber guy with all force and seventyhundred different kinds of rocket propelling firearms, while everyone else has a blaster pistol and 10 hp.

Imagine you're watching Episode 3, and all these clones are coming in on the Temple or something, and some Jedi walks up, pulls a rocket launcher off his back and blows up an entire squad. Not only would you think "wow, this is a really ****ty movie", you'd think, "wow, between solving interplanetary conflict and chopping up hundreds of battle droids, when did that guy learn to precisely aim, lock, and fire a sophisticated 15lb piece of heavy explosives"?

Feel free to rip this apart, but I just want to present my opinion on this.

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