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From what I've been reading, the issues seem to come down to problems with certain skill combinations being "too powerful" vs an actual problem with cross skill taking. Namely, I've seen...
1. Jetpack + Jump 3
If I'm not mistaken, FP doesn't regen while in midair. As such, a gunner isn't going to be able to regen their Jump without being on the ground without running for some period of time.
2. Gunner + Lightning 3
Lightning 3 is VERY expensive, it's literally the most expensive skill with a total cost of 24, which is more than a player even starts with. In addition, I suspect that the main issue for some people is that lightning is currently an instant knockdown skill, which when comboed with a gun allows players to shot their victims dead on the ground. If that's the case, we could probably a nature level of knockdown protection to lightning based on the player's DP or maybe FP level. I'm open to suggestions.

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