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Sigh... how boring. But nevertheless...


1: You said:

Do you guys even KNOW what a seasoned gunner does when a jedi comes close? He just whips out his saber and defends against the Jedi's slashes, flies away and just whips out his rocket launcher again and starts shooting..
And that is wrong simply because it is a generalization rigged in your favor. In fact it would be stupid and a waste of points in the current climate when instead the gunner could instead do what I do, namely dance away from your strikes and combination seeker droid+bowcaster+charbroil(+ optional sentry gun) you to death. Jawa Bond's strategy of raining death from above with his jetpack blaster rifle, bowcaster, and rocket launcher is also effective (and easily counterable from the start because by his own admission he does not use absorb). Do not lump gun users into one category.

2: Congratulations on finally making a legitimate point. Being able to use Jump 3 in combination with the Jetpack to render fuel concerns moot is rightly insane (despite the 24 minimum point cost), something needs to be nerfed here. I would recommend halting Jetpack fuel restoration while jumping is being done.

Kindly explain the fatigue threshold for me if you would, because restricting Jedi movement is not something that should be done lightly.

3: Well, that's what happens when you choose to operate in a mode called "FREE FOR ALL". You will excuse some of us for taking the name literally. We've had this discussion before.

Lastly, anyone who waits more than a few seconds for your duel to end is crazy (he could be off gaining more points), but for his dedication he SHOULD be able to blast you after you're done.

Honestly, here you're asking for your cake and wanting to eat it too. You can't reasonably call for movie realism when in fact it would be realistic for somebody with a heavy weapon to be able to joltingly disrupt your lightsaber battle. Such battles require intense concentration, and indeed in such situations an outside force has an advantage if he chooses to intervene. It's unfortunate, BUT IT IS REALISTIC. Your recourse is the saber challenge. If you want, why don't you simply ask Razor to remove the Force Power restrictions on it? Why WOULDN'T he do it?

4: The benefit is entirely in your hands by how you choose to spend your points.

Almost all of what you listed is HORRIFICALLY EXPENSIVE, thermals, rocket launchers, detpacks among them. A sentry droid isn't hard to use as far as I can tell. The other two may simply require point adjustment.

Actually, a level of Force Lightning requires a mighty 8 points, quite respectable, and ditching the pack nets you exactly one more level at two. But a Jedi CAN counter that: Force Absorb, Force Push, Force Pull (bye bowcaster!), or even his own Force Lightning (he can't fire when knocked down)... I like the idea that activating it results in Lightning damaging whoever used it myself...

However, I do think that Saber abilities are a bit too expensive and recommend lowering all of their costs to 3.

5: It already does this by making big guns significantly more expensive than Neutral and Light Force counterparts, namely Lightning and Grip. Fully mastering the Rocket Launcher costs exactly the same now as fully mastering the saber, for example.

What you're asking for is a difficult feat of coding from what I can tell. The closest thing to it is Promod, in which daring to take a certain level of gun skill, of ANY gun skill, started locking out any and all ability to gain higher levels of all Force. But that's child's play compared to what you want. The logistics of it would be annoying as sin.

6: They sacrifice points that could've been used for other powers. Seems simple enough.

7: The point here is that Kyle DID have it all. So really, this line of argument is not helping you.


It seems obvious to me that a big wan with you guys is the ability to use Lightning in conjunction with heavy weaponry. In that case, we could simply suppress Lightning's use when those weapons are out. *Shrug*

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