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Originally Posted by The Architect
So if you know that Anakin is the Sith'ari, then why are you speculating that Revan could be the Sith'ari? This doesn't make any sense, unless their can be more than two Sith'ari's.
Indeed that makes sense. When I said "I know Anakin is the Sith'ari, but is Revan? It seems to me he fits in with the definition quite well", I was merely suggesting that other than Anakin, Revan (and Bane) fit in with the definition as well, and both could be the Sith'ari. Fitting in the definition doesn't mean one IS the Sith'ari, thus I wasn't implying there are 2 sith'ari.

I know I used the wrong word, but you should know NO ONE actually knows who's the sith'ari. You could have done better than taking the literal meaning of what I typed and make a deal out of it. The focus of what I typed wasn't even that- it was the possibility of Revan being the Sith'ari, since you questioned it at first.
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