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Raze stared down at the alien kneeling before her and Rita. She had known as soon as the word 'gunners' had escaped Rita's lips that there would be trouble. She had drawn her blaster, but things had happened so fast she hadn't been able to even fire a shot. She really wasn't sure what had happened, but someone had stopped the alien, and he was now wounded and bleeding in front of them.

"Ain't stupid, huh?" Raze whispered to Rita. "Could'nt you have said the 'we're not going to harm you' part before the 'gunners' bit?"

Not waiting for Rita to answer, Raze lowered down to a crouch behind some nearby cargo containers, motioning Ulim and Rita to do the same. She looked around warily, scanning the nearby buildings for any signs of movement. Rampaging alien threat aside, they still might be in danger. Someone had shot him with some sort of high-powered projectile, and Rita wanted to know, one--were they aiming at the alien; two--were they aiming at her, Rita, or Ulim and had missed; or three--were they going to shoot again.

She didn't see anyone, and assumed Rita probably didn't either, as she was a "shoot first, ask questions later" sort of gal and she hadn't shot at anything yet. Slowly she rose, and reholstered her blaster.

She looked down at the pool of bright green blood near the alien's feet. "Ulim? You'd better get your 'friend' some medical attention before he bleeds to death. Or before someone shoots him again."

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