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Originally Posted by Valter
Actually, I've said pretty much everthing I needed to say in this debate so...I guess I'm done here. I need to get ready for my Calculous test anyway.
Calculous? lol that reminds me I need to do more studying for my SATs since i'm moving back over to the US soon yay! School sucks in England (well at least it did for me lol), i'm glad I graduated and don't need to go anymore.

But anyway, enough about off-topic stuff. Everyone said what they wanted to say? My points are pretty much clear:

-Increase MC Speed (at least 20%)
-Double MC Frigates' Proton Torpedo tubes and divide current firepower between those.
-Increase X-Wing Shielding by at least 25%
-NERF Kedalbe and Aggressor, I would say make the shield leech ability weaker than the MonCal's shield recharge ability and make their ability recharge times equal.
-NERF Star Vipers (already being done, but you know...)
-[[Maybe]] decrease Nebulon-B Frigate's Pop. Cap cost from 3 to 2 because its the weakest of the Frigates...

By the way in case you guys didn't know, SAGEKING-PG just came on Petroglyph Forums and announced that the patch would be released mid-week, and by late wednesday at the latest. YAY! I was bursting with anticipation...still am lol!

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