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Raze gave a quick glance at her shoulder that the alien had just shoved, then stared back at him.

Having her Falleen father's ability to release pheremones, Raze's sense of smell was also heightened beyond what was normal for humans. She had sensed someone approaching them, a male human, but before she could even pinpoint his location, the wounded alien had suddenly sprung into life. He killed the stealthy intruder in a most horrific way, and now was holding the dead man's head in his hand. Now, feeling somewhat sick at the sight, she swallowed back bile.

Oh, I sincerely hope that he's not offering that guy's head to me as some sort of gift, she thought.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed Jack and Zam had just arrived on the scene. Ulim was near the alien now, too, apparently attempting trying to help his 'friend', but the creature had brushed him off with the arrival of the stealth-sheilded dead man.

Raze wasn't sure what the alien wanted, or why he was here, or more importantly, what he was planning to do next. But she certainly didn't want hers or any of her crew's heads to be dangling in his other hand anytime soon.

It was becoming clear to her that this alien understood physical communication better than verbal, so in order to protect her crew, including Rita, from any harm, Raze decided she'd take a chance.

She began to release what she would term as 'calming' pheremones, usually reserved for special occasions for when she wanted human males to be more 'agreeable'. She hoped that it would have the effect of soothing the obviously agitated alien, at least long enough for her and Rita to get further away from him. But this alien wasn't a human. And she wasn't even sure if it was a male. Her choice could have disasterous results, but she had to take that chance. It was a captain's job to look after their crew.

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