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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Revan is a militray tactican. It is unknown how good a general he is, but he is responsible for winning Malachor V, so he might be somewhat good, using deception to win.

Therefore, the only way I could see Revan winning against Nihlius is by finding the Exile and using her to defeat Nihlius, and then taking credit for the victory. In other words, by "cheating".

Originally Posted by Evln
Indeed that makes sense. When I said "I know Anakin is the Sith'ari, but is Revan? It seems to me he fits in with the definition quite well", I was merely suggesting that other than Anakin, Revan (and Bane) fit in with the definition as well, and both could be the Sith'ari. Fitting in the definition doesn't mean one IS the Sith'ari, thus I wasn't implying there are 2 sith'ari.

I know I used the wrong word, but you should know NO ONE actually knows who's the sith'ari. You could have done better than taking the literal meaning of what I typed and make a deal out of it. The focus of what I typed wasn't even that- it was the possibility of Revan being the Sith'ari, since you questioned it at first.
Who said I was making a deal out of it? Besides, you've realised that you used the wrong wording, so it's fine. Of course I know that no one knows who the Sith'ari is.

That's why I pointed out what you said, because you said that you know that Anakin is the Sith'ari, which is wrong. Then when you speculated that Revan and Bane was the Sith'ari, I was confused, because you had just said that you know that Anakin is the Sith'ari.

I wanted to make you aware that you had made a mistake, not to make you look stupid, but just to let you know, in case you weren't aware of it, as I assume that would be a good thing, right?

Originally Posted by JawaJoey
I don't think anyone is denying that Revan would beat Nihilus in a traditional fight. Revan is, after all, a master swordsman, and Nihilus did in fact suck.

The only question is, could Nihilus use his drain power to kill Revan? And the answer is a most probable yes.
No, Nihilus didn't in fact suck. That is just your opinion. Whether Nihilus sucked or not depends entirely upon your own point of view.

The only question is, why wouldn't Nihilus drain power work on Revan, since after all, Revan is just like those Jedi who died on Katarr? The only difference is, he/she is presumably more powerful than all those Jedi on Katarr, but that just makes things worse for Revan, since their is more power for Nihilus to feed upon, which is what he is, the 'Lord of Hunger'.

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