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I don't have too much trouble with gunners having lightning 3. Jedi can just use absorb and reverse who gets shocked when they try it for the most part.

IMO, the biggest problem in that mix is the cheap passive immunity from all varieties of force powers with Absorb 3
yeah that might be a little too much trouble. I've always been a bit nervous about making Absorb passive and this is way. I still think that people holding a gun should only get level 1 protection from whatever forcepower they have or are blocking (which means they have to walk to block force powers they have)

We're trying to create a "build your own character form of gameplay here so we need to be careful about what we limit and what we don't. We just need to make sure that all powers, items, and weapons reasonable counters to them and that there are no unbeatable combinations.

And lets not get overly passionate about this stuff or this is just going to end up being and unconstructive flame war.

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