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Originally Posted by JawaJoey
I'll word it nicer for you.
"He was remarkably unimpressive in combat."
There, happy?
Yeah, we happy

Because I think even The Architect will agree that Nihilus was unimpressive in direct combat. As much as I like Nihilus, it was really anti-climactic how quickly he went down. Still, that's gameplay and not canon, where he appears to have been powerful indeed. It's just too bad they didn't scale him to be a more formidable foe.

Originally Posted by JawaJoey
PS, I know that will lead to an argument over how much trying to drain the Exile weakened Nihilus, and I'll argue about that, but regardless, I still believe that given a best case scenario for Nihilus, Revan would still most likely win (still disregarding Nihilus' drain, of course).
But how can you disregard Nihilus' drain? If we compare game-Nihilus with super-ultra-powerful-uber-game-Revan, then Revan might win, but that's stacking the deck against Nihilus - his drain ability is his most prominent feature - that would be like taking away Revan's powerful ties to the Force and saying, "without that he cannot win". Well, duh... But then in that case it's not Revan, because that connection is part of who Revan is. In the same manner, his draining ability is a central part of Nihilus and more so than Revan's powers are to him, since Nihilus is basically a void without will or intellect. Nihilus IS his hunger. You cannot separate the two. And Nihilus would use his draining ability, because that's what he does.

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