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Originally Posted by Davinq
Whoa... tk102, stoffe, and Jae are mods now? Just how long was I out?
About 72ish hours.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
or maybe a bit of potato that just didn't digest right.
You can tell it's Christmas time.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Nonsense. I'm already making more posts there. Soon I'll apply for citizenship, and officially have fled from my native forum as a refugee.
Don't forget the asbestos suit for the next volcano. I'll keep the sewer water running in Hotel Asylum to put the flames out.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Oh, and if you even THINK about editing any of the little numbers in our posts, know that I have a backup copy of them stored safely away on my computer.
Who, me??? Did you forget I'm an angel?

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Congrats stoffe & Jae.. you have boldly <-- look, I made a pun gone where no one should ever go
That was so baaaaad that I howled laughing.

Originally Posted by Evln
But seriously, though I don't really know Jae, 'coz I'm pretty new here, she being a mod (suddenly) makes me feel weird, for the sole reason that she impressed me as a home-caring housewife from some of the previous posts I read of her. Not that housewives can't be mods, but...haha, now you gotta be a vigilant housewife.
Vigilant, vigilante, same difference. I'm the family manager who works in and out of the home.
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