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Originally Posted by JawaJoey
I meant in combat, I was not judging him as a person or character. That would be an objective assessment on my part. The fact that he was not a difficult fight, however, is not related to my point of view at all.

I'll word it nicer for you.
"He was remarkably unimpressive in combat."
There, happy?
Yep. Me happy. But hey, how was I supposed to know what exactly you meant? I am not The Profit god damn it!

But yes, Nihilus was piss easy to defeat in combat. Despite the fact that there was a valid reason why Nihilus was supposed to be an easy beat, they made him too easy and it was disappointing, because I want the villains to be tough damn it! I hope that 'the big guns' of K3 are going to be hard, I mean, very hard, to beat, otherwise I will fall to the DS.

You have to understand the difference between gameplay and the plot. At the end of the day, feats, force powers, stats, skills and all that crap has nothing to do with the outcome of a fight. Luke defeating Vader in RotJ is a good example of this. It's the author/s that decide who wins.

Originally Posted by JawaJoey
PS, I know that will lead to an argument over how much trying to drain the Exile weakened Nihilus, and I'll argue about that, but regardless, I still believe that given a best case scenario for Nihilus, Revan would still most likely win (still disregarding Nihilus' drain, of course).
And just why the hell would you disregard Nihilus' drain, since that is apart of who he is?

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