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A set of knuckles knocked to the door’s plain plate. Jan stepped back from the broad wall, strong winds blew against her and Kyle. Their dull sleeves flew from their limbs, Kyle’s feet slipped back over the walkway, skeletical scaffolds hung over them in an arch. Beads of sickly water drenched upon them, a layer of liquid formed across the paved surface, drips fell from the curved support beams. His gaze diverted from the simple entrance, Kyle glanced out to the void behind them. For a moment all that came was the spitting rain and far off whimpers from sweeping ships that appeared as passing flashes of light.

“What’s wrong,” Jan asked, her eyes fell to him with a tilted head.

“I don’t know yet,” Kyle answered absently, gazing idly to space, “stay on guard...”

Their attention was drawn back to the door which was wrenched open from the inside. A set of brown and ash red robes fell over the shoulders of a thinly built human man. Bare hands clasped together, a pair of goggles fastened over his eye sockets with a hat that concealed the forehead. His tinted eyes sank to Kyle and Jan, he spoke in a quaint voice, “May I help you?”

”Yeah,” replied Kyle, after he turned back to the entrance, “I’m Kyle Katarn, I’m here to see Odem Meck.”

”Yes,” answered the man with a lucid tone, “you may enter.”

In the corner of his eye, Kyle caught a glance from Jan. He proceeded to the doorway and the monk turned on his buried heels, elegantly pacing down a pair of aged steel barriers. Jan stepped in after Kyle and the monk came to a curt halt, he twisted back to them, his voice held a brittle tone, “The door please.”

“Oh, sure,” Jan replied with a bluntness. She back tracked to the agape door and clutched the bent door handle, Jan forced the egress shut with a sharp click.

The monk turned back to the passage and moved over steel soil with swaying sheets of fabric. A stiff silence fell over the three as they strode between narrow vertical surfaces. The monk’s unseen feet gave graceful clacks over the rusting floor. The Jedi master gazed at splintered pillars and rigid wall panels, Jan broke the verbal stillness as she spoke to their guide, her voice echoed down the interchanging halls, “You guys don’t clean up much do you?”

“Such inane duties are mere distractions.” The words rolled off the monk’s mouth with a quiet wave, “ And to a fully enlightened one, such efforts are in vane.”

“So are a lot of things when your brain is in a jar,” Kyle mumbled beneath his breath, Jan barely concealed a smirk to what she heard of the comment. The monk however showed no acknowledgment to the remark, either oblivious to the words or portraying his order’s founding belief.

Kyle felt a sudden sense of repetition, as if he stepped back all those years ago to that B’omarr sanctuary on Danuta, the monk turned to a shallow diminutive door. Material laced knuckles clipped to the solid material, resonating thuds echoed through an unseen area. The monk stepped back to the opposing wall, a manual whine crept from inside the chamber. Durasteel latched from the grey frame and the low groan reached their ears.

The door steadily slammed to an aged wall, two pairs of brown eyes fell to a emaciated form of a humanoid male, plain rags clad over his body, no particular stitching or lacing to implicate his place and rank in the galaxy. The paled face was lightly sheered and rigid strands outgrew his scalp.

“Odem Meck,” called the elder monk in his usual articulate tone, “Kyle Katarn has come.”

“Kyle,” the single word left Odem’s mouth.

He nodded and responded while the monk slowly drifted away through the dim infrastructure, “Odem.”

“I’m surprised you even called back to my message,” the ex-Imperial stepped back into the murky room, “After what I heard happened on Tatooine during Fyyar’s time.”

“Wish we could say the Remnant exaggerated,” Jan spoke in an unusually quiet tone, glancing over to Kyle, “but I don’t think they had to.”

“What’s done is done I suppose,” Odem reached to an unseen wall, “and I’m guessing you want to take me back to New Republic space.”

Jan took in a lungful of air, “We can offer you asylum. You’d probably want to stay with these monks, but I doubt things will be safe with Jaden on the loose.”

“I heard what happened on Korriban. If the rumours are true that he’s taken over the Remnant, then I could help you.” Odem stood amid the ensnarled darkness, “But if I do come with you, it’ll be under the condition that I get to return to my order after this is over.”

“Alright,” Kyle nodded with his arms over his chest, “I can’t speak for Mon Mothma, or the Senate for that matter, but I’ll do what I can. I do have some authority as a Jedi.”

A deep breath sunk from Odem and a strap of material tightened in his fist, “I’ll probably be detained and interrogated.” His arm swept in a hand arch and a lumpy piece of baggage swung over his shoulder, “But I’ll feel better knowing I’m not putting my brothers in danger any more.”

Kyle stepped back, allowing their new companion to walk into the dim light, “It’ll be cramped in our ship. But we’ll make it to Coruscant. How soon do you want to be space-bound?”

“The moment I step outside,” in the placid illumination his pasty complexion shone somewhat, “whoever took over for Galak was nice enough to place a bounty on my head.”

“Interesting place to hide out,” spoke up Jan as the two men started to pace down the hall.

“Right under the noses of the galaxies worst bounty hunters.” An empty chuckle came from Odem’s small mouth, “You know, when I heard a Jedi knight called Kyle Katarn defeated Jerec... I didn’t quite believe it.”

Kyle glanced back to him as they walked, “Yeah, unexpected. But I’m surprised that I never ran into you over my years with the Alliance.”

“I took a desk job as one of Fyyar’s technicians.” Replied Odem as they reached the hall’s corner, “things really fell to pieces when he and Desann died.”

“You’re welcome,” Kyle retorted dryly, “so that’s why you left?”

“Don’t get me wrong. I know the Imperials are down right vicious, but these Dark Jedi are a breed apart.”

“Don’t I know it.” Kyle heathed in a raspy scoff, “Jerec killed my father, not Rebels.”

Odem gave a stiff swallow, “I never knew, I mean I suspected.” The inside of the entrance door came into view and the three of them strode to it, “So every thing happens for a reason?”

“Yeah,” Kyle gave a gradual nod. “it does. We’ve got our ship in a nearby hanger, we’ll head there now.”

”What about searching for traces of Jaden,” Jan intervened the moment the Jedi master reached for the door.

“I think we have better chances at finding something out from Odem, rather than asking the usual suspects,” Kyle stepped past the frame and clutched the curled bar, his eyes still on the B’omarr disciple, “right?”

“I don’t know the changes that Tavion made after she took over, but the Remnants will have to use their old bases and ships. The ones they have left I mean.” Odem stepped along side Kyle, “It could give you a lead.”

“I think we could use a new direction for tracking Jaden,” gloved fists hoisted the door wide open and Kyle stepped out to the open air, “since planet hooping hasn’t worked so far.” His boots clanged to the metal floor panel, a jolt of energy stung up from the strapped soles. Kyle twitched his head as the less than pleasant sensation subsided, in those few paralysed seconds Jan and Odem had stepped up to his flanks. Kyle twisted his head between the two, forcing out, “Take cover...”

A baffled exterior crossed Odem’s face. Jan dashed behind her partner’s back and snapped, “When a Jedi tells you to move,” she grabbed his arm and dragged Odem to the bent support beam, “it’s a damn good idea to move!”

The moment Odem felt the cold metal to his back, a fiery whiz rippled through the wet air. Jan’s brown eyes shift to the void of space and ship lanes that lay ahead of them, a blazing crimson shell propelled through the abyss with a trail of ash. The incoming missile curved from one of the lanky high-rises. Diving to their bridge.

Kyle gritted his teeth together, a gloved hand swiped past his hoister and he grabbed the elegant grip of his lightsaber. He lifted his free arm and pushed it forward, a pulse of energy flowed from the limb. The ensuring shell spiralled backwards, following it’s own dourly tail. A spire of steel erupted into a flaming haze upon impact.

A few seconds of silence and rain fell, Jan stepped from Odem and the curved pillar, she looked to Kyle asking dully, “Did you get them?”

He looked back to the pair with dry words, “Let’s get to the hanger.”

Odem wedged himself fourth, with his lightsaber unlit but still in hand Kyle marched down the open pathway. Without a moment’s consideration he tailed the Jedi as did Jan. She unholstered her rifle in a half sprint. A ceiling now hung over their heads, the grey floor clambered with heavy strides and tearing soles. Kyle launched out to the bridged walkway, then froze half way across the durasteel branch. He forced out his free hand and strictly gestured as his head twisted sideways. Odem and Jan halted behind him, Kyle commenced with a steady step. The hanger’s bulk door swiped open, the lights dimly flashed and Kyle glanced back to Jan, “Stay here, I’ll check the hanger.”

“Alright,” Jan gave a brisk nod, “be careful.”

“Aren’t I always,” grumbled Kyle as he passed through the entrance’s frame. His boots planted over the metallic floorboards, brown eyes glanced around the wide confinements. The flickering lights showed the Raven Claw right where they left it. However the blast doors were clammed together, leaving no place for their ship to go. The lights faded with a severe buzz, and the door behind him slammed shut with an echoing lock. Kyle spun around in the darkness, grunting to himself as a violet gleam lit up the hanger, “Sith spit...”

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