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Originally Posted by Evln
In fact you should have known. This is what he typed:

"I don't think anyone is denying that Revan would beat Nihilus in a traditional fight. Revan is, after all, a master swordsman, and Nihilus did in fact suck."

The context of it tells you something about what he meant by "suck". The first time I read it I took the meaning that he intended. I think The Architect focuses too much on part of a whole sentence and occasionally forgets to look at the rest. Well, no bad intention here. Just thought I'd let you know in case you don't.
You're beginning to sound like MacCorp. Taking things out of context am I? Yes, I incorrectly assumed what JawaJoey was talking about, however, that is partly due to the fact that I know he doesn't like Nihilus' character, therefore their was the possibility of him meaning that Nihilus sucked as a character, not in terms of gameplay.

So, care to explain why I should have known what he meant? If anything, him mentioning that Revan is a master duellist is not a gameplay thing, that is to do with the plot, since in K1, in the gameplay, we never see any evidence of Revan's master duelling skills. Well, at least I never saw any.

So when he said Nihilus sucked and just mentioned Revan's master duelling skills, I didn't know he was talking about the gameplay, I thought he was talking about Nihilus' abilities plot wise and/or the fact that he doesn't like Nihilus when he said he sucked.

Now, since I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay (the thought didn't occur to me at the time), since he mentioned about Revan's duelling skills, plot wise, and since I know he doesn't like Nihilus when he said he sucked, wasn't it reasonable for me to assume what I assumed?

Why should I have known what JawaJoey was talking about, when he never explicity said what he meant when he said Nihilus sucked?

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