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Originally Posted by The Architect
Yes, I incorrectly assumed what JawaJoey was talking about, however, that is partly due to the fact that I know he doesn't like Nihilus' character, therefore their was the possibility of him meaning that Nihilus sucked as a character, not in terms of gameplay.
Makes sense. He might indeed think Nihilus sucks even in terms of character. But I would not assume someone to be biased just because I know he dislikes the character.

Originally Posted by The Architect
So, care to explain why I should have known what he meant? If anything, him mentioning that Revan is a master duellist is not a gameplay thing, that is to do with the plot, since in K1, in the gameplay, we never see any evidence of Revan's master duelling skills. Well, at least I never saw any.
I see what you're getting at. But whether it's in the gameplay is irrelevant. What's relevant is is he referring to the fighting skills of the characters. First, he said "I don't think anyone is denying that Revan would beat Nihilus in a traditional fight." No matter whether you agree with it or not, it's obvious he's referring to the fighting skills of the characters, by "traditional fight".

Then he went on to say, "Revan is, after all, a master swordsman, and Nihilus did in fact suck." This actually aimed to support the previous statement that Revan would win in a tradtional fight. Whether "master swordsman" is real or agreeable or not, again it's distinctively referring to fighting skills, sheer fighting skills. This in addition to the first statement, makes it logical and natural to infer that "suck" refers to the fighting skills of Nihilus as well, not his draining abilities or his character, because otherwise he wouldn't have come to the conclusion of "Revan winning in a traditional combat".

Originally Posted by The Architect
Now, since I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay (the thought didn't occur to me at the time), since he mentioned about Revan's duelling skills, plot wise, and since I know he doesn't like Nihilus when he said he sucked, wasn't it reasonable for me to assume what I assumed?
Your flow of thought is too complicated. It isn't the gameplay or plot or other that matters. It's essential just to be able to see that he's referring to sheer fighting skills of the character, as I explained in the the prior paragraph.

Originally Posted by The Architect
You're beginning to sound like MacCorp. Taking things out of context am I?
Why am I sounding like MacCorp? What's he like?
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