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Originally Posted by ImpElite
Holy cow, I don't have time to read these humungous posts.
Then skim-read or...don't read?

Originally Posted by Yertyl
Hehe, technically English is my second language as well
Looks like i'm part of the club. English is also my second language!

Originally Posted by Valter
I just noticed that you didn't suggest adding a hangar bay to the Mon Calamari Cruiser. What changed your mind Shadow?
The reason I am not asking for a Hangar anymore is because:

1. There are only a handful of people who support the idea.

2. A speed boost is more realistic in terms of a being released in a patch. It merely requires a tweak on the MC's XML files. A Hangar would take more effort and I don't know if the designers would be willing to do that.

3. One of the two is adequate I guess, as long as the speed boost is more significant to make up for not having a hangar.

I still support the idea of Hangars, however i'm not holding my breath. I believe that a more realistic solution would be to:

1. Get rid of the Home One's shield generator hardpoint, or give it two shield hardpoints AND...

2. Give the Home One a hangar along with 1 A-Wing squadron and 1 B-Wing squadron.

That would put it on par with Thrawn and Piett, you wouldn't have to tweak the cannons whatsoever and I assume (and I say assume because I don't mess around with XMLs) that it would be less work and less of a balance issue if only Home One got the upgrades.

If MCs got no Hangar but the Home One did, I could live with that.

Originally Posted by Valter
By the way, I agree with all of the balancing ideas you posted just now. (I don't think decreasing the Nebulon's pop cap is necessary though)
Originally Posted by darthcarth
This doesnt need to happen they are better then aclamators and im prety sure interceptor 4s so their pop cap is what blances them.
Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
I agree with most of your suggestions except the Neb-B taking 2 cap. You could get away with that if you left the reb fighters pretty crap. The MC hangar could be done but it looks like that you don’t feel its necessary anymore.
For MC Hangar you can just read above Rust

The reason I partly suggested it is because of the Hangar imbalances in terms of the ISD vs. MonCal (factoring in Pop. Cap). The way I saw it is that if Nebulon-B's were upgraded it would make them more feasible to bring in (instead of spending 500 more for an Assault Frigate) and would kind of make up for the population and firepower gap that the fighters create.

By the way darthcarth, as Rust already pointed out that Interceptor IV Frigates are stronger than Nebulon-B's or Acclamators. They're still my least favorite though

Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Anyway, back to the MC…what speed would you like then Shads? 50% increase from its current makes it as fast as a Neb-B? Is that about right? What about you Tears? You want something tangible, what do you think would be a speed to give the MC a definitive advantage in this area if the short burn boost wasn’t the option to take?

Shadow I agree strongly with dispersing the MC-30s torp tubes. Good idea. After the torp tubes are taken out I leave them alone. 2 laser cannons do little damage but tying up 3 pop cap is even more damaging. Just one thing; the ISD and the MC have the same range = 2000.
Yeah i'd say a speed increase on par with a Nebulon-B would be about right. I'd be happy with that. Either that, or a boost engines ability like Corvettes which is shorter and weaker.

And just for reference, don't MC30s have 1 laser cannon and 2 torpedo tubes instead of 2 torpedo tubes? I'm just wondering because you said two and i've now forgotten whether it was 1 or 2. Anybody know off-hand?

By the way in case any of you wanted to know this (you probably already do): if you lose both cannons, the best thing to do is make the MC30 fly through the middle of the battle while charging its cluster bombs, the comp usually switches firepower towards it, get between several enemy capitals or fighters and detonate them, making it an excellent diversion/cannon fodder for ur fleet. Well at least that's how it happens for me.

I didn't know ISDs and MCs have the same range (I don't do the XML modding thing ) but if an ISD is getting a firepower increase then a speed increase is still equal, don't you think?

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