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[FIN] Echoes of Darkness

Star Wars - Echoes of Darkness

Feel free to comment in this Thread by clicking on the picture below, which was made by igyman, a member from LucasForums (which is here). This was written from the 13th November 2006-12th December. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Fic.

Authour's Note

This Fic, Echoes of Darkness was written by me. I decided to write it after having so much fun, playing my female Exile, Sera Tana. This Fic is set after the sequel of Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords and it stars my Exile, Sera Tana, searching for Revan, who in my KOTOR game is known as Diego Varen (Varen being an anagram of Revan). Little does she know that the Sith have been restored by an evil Emperor.


I donít own Star Wars or anything to do with it.

Star Wars
Echoes of Darkness

Four months have passed, since the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her companions have gone their separate ways. Sera and her two DROIDS, the ASSASSIN DROID, HK-47 and the UTILITY DROID, T3-M4 are on their way to the planet, LEHON, where rumours have spread about a certain person being on the planet at some point, during the JEDI CIVIL WAR.

On the planet of TRAMOND XXV, a SITH LORD, known as EMPEROR DEVON is planning to find the Exile with the help of his personal SITH LORDS, DARTH SION and his old JEDI MASTER, NAUK GRELAN, who are also obsessed with the Exile and her adventures.

Meanwhile, ten years ago, before the events of the MANDALORIAN WARS, a JEDI MASTER and his PADAWAN fall out, because of going to the war with the fallen JEDI KNIGHTS, REVAN and MALAKÖ

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