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Chapter II - The Rakatan Elders

"Long ago the Rakata ruled all the known Galaxy; all species bowed down to us."
- Keeper Orsaa

Sera, T3 and HK ran through the lush beach land of Lehon. Nobody had attacked them and Sera had began to doubt what HK had told her.

“HK, are you sure there are bounty hunters around here?” Sera asked.

“Answer: Of course I’m sure, you stupid meatbag… I mean master!” HK answered, a bit ruder than his programming had expected.

Suddenly, both HK and T3 stopped right in their spots. They had been disabled, but not destroyed. Sera wondered who had disabled them. She thought that they were alone, but by the looks of it, it was obvious she weren’t. Perhaps HK was right. There might be some bounty hunters around.

“Is anyone there?” Sera asked.

Sera suddenly felt a twinge in her body, causing her incapable of moving. All she could do was listen to the environment around her. It made her feel uneasy. Despite being unable to move, Sera felt herself fall asleep.


When Sera awoke, she noticed several Rakatans were in front of her. One had medical equipment.

“Where am I?” Sera asked, feeling a sharp pain in her forehead.

We are the Elders,” One of the Rakatan told Sera, “I’m Keeper Orsaa, one of the main leaders of the Elder tribe. We encountered you and your two Droids on the planet and we believed you to be a threat.”

“Why?” Sera asked, “I’m no threat, I came here to meet up with a Mandalorian clan.”

Mandalorian clan?” Keeper Orsaa pondered, “We had no knowledge of a clan on Lehon, but I doubt they would prove a threat to us. They don’t, but anyway, it’s best we tell you why we’re here,” He cleared his throat before beginning, “The ship you arrived on, the Ebon Hawk has been on this planet before. This planet once belonged to no one, other than us, but when Revan destroyed our Star Forge…”

“Revan?” Sera asked, “Revan was here?”

Don’t interrupt young one, but yes, Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember, when the Star Forge was destroyed, the Republic took this planet as their own and didn’t care about us and now the Mandalorians have arrived, Lehon isn’t as secret as before.”

“Clan Ordo will protect you,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “I can assure you.”

Don’t interrupt, I keep telling you,” Keeper Orsaa warned Sera, “Today, some of our tribe noticed you running through the beach and we believed you to be intruders. So we disabled your Droids and paralysed you and took you to our home, making sure you aren’t a threat.”

After that, both Sera and Keeper Orsaa remained quiet. In the distance, Sera noticed both HK and T3 being repaired.

“I hope my Droids will work again, after this confrontation,” Sera warned Keeper Orsaa.

Oh they will,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “Now why are you here?”

Sera sighed.

“I already told you, I’m on my way to visit clan Ordo,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Although I also wanted to enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Nobody has been in that temple, since Revan was here,” Keeper Orsaa told Sera, “We assumed all of the Dark Jedi who had supported Revan and Malak, during the Mandalorian Wars had been wiped out. But if you want to see the temple still, I can escort you and your Droids to the temple.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Sera told him, “How are my Droids?”

Good as new,” Keeper Orsaa told her, “Let’s go.”

Sera stood up and followed Keeper Orsaa. Behind her, HK and T3 followed them. Sera didn’t want to cause any panic for the Rakatans, but she could sense a dark force in the Temple of Ancients.
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